Media Releases


  • Students support Vancouver MP’s bill to reduce student debt VANCOUVER–Private Members’ Bill C-688, tabled yesterday by Vancouver-Kingsway Member of Parliament Don Davies and would reduce the interest rate on federal student loans, is a welcome step towards an accessible and affordable post-secondary education system in Canada. “Student debt in Canada has reached unacceptable levels and reducing predatory student loan interest rates should be a […]
  • Students urge government to take action on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission VANCOUVER–Students across BC are urging the federal government to take action on the 94 recommendations in the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). A key recommendation of the TRC is with regards to education, including the creation and funding for new Indigenous education legislation, which protects languages and cultures, and closes the education […]
  • Government condemns British Columbians to a life of poverty VANCOUVER–Students were frustrated to hear that the BC government will not increase minimum wage to keep working people above the poverty line, despite calls for an increase from British Columbians. “Minimum wage should immediately be increased so no one working 40 hours per week is forced to live below the poverty line,” said Zachary Crispin, […]


  • What are the Parties Saying? Aboriginal Education Canada’s student movement acknowledges and respects the rights of the first peoples of this land from coast to coast to coast. Education is a treaty right for the Indigenous people of Canada. The Canadian Federation of Students and the National Aboriginal Caucus support the alleviation of financial barriers Aboriginal students face in accessing education. Between 2006-2011 more […]
  • What are the parties saying? Youth Employment Students need to know they have a path towards a good job in their field after graduation. Unfortunately, the youth unemployment rate still remains double the national average.What’s more is that if part-time employees seeking full-time jobs, exploited unpaid interns, and discouraged young Canadians are taken into account, the youth un/underemployment rate is 27.7%. Also, […]
  • Students must vote to stop being ignored OTTAWA, Oct. 5, 2015- Students across Canada have a new way to vote this week. Responding to calls from the Canadian Federation of Students, Elections Canada is operating 39 campus voting stations running from today until October 8. The stations enable students to vote in their own ridings, no matter where they are in the […]