Health and Dental Plan

In March 2015, the Students’ Union held a referendum for members to vote on implementation of a health and dental benefits plan similar to those at other colleges and universities in BC. The results of the referendum were overwhelmingly positive with 97% of students voting to create the benefits service for full-time students. The Students’ Union worked hard in the spring of 2015 to ensure that this service would be available to NIC students by September 2015. Not only was this goal achieved, the Students’ Union was also successful in negotiating a plan that costs less per year than the amount authorized by the referendum by working with other student unions in the BCFS to combine benefits plans.

For more information about the plan, drop by a NISU office or email

Coverage Timelines

Coverage starts September 1 and lasts to August 31

*Blackout Period: September 1 to October 15

Coverage starts January 1 and lasts to December 31

*Blackout Period:  January 1 to February 15

Coverage starts in September or January and follows same timeline as listed above.

Opt-Out Deadlines

Opt out when fee applied to your student record until September 30

Opt-out December 1 until January 31

Opt-out within the September or January opt-out periods until the 14th day of the month in which your program starts(October or February)

Opt-out using the online system at

In cases where an online opt-out is not possible, students can download a paper opt-out form below

About Your Plan

The plan covers basic dental, most prescription care, and many paramedical services. Plan features that are unique to the needs of students include extended travel insurance and the use of a tutor should you become ill or injured and miss an extended period of classes

Forms for Students

All Health & Dental forms can be found by clicking the link below

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the plan is mandatory for full-time NIC students. Full-time students are defined as students taking three or more credit based courses per semester, or vocational and trades programs that are six months or longer.

The plan costs $275 per year. Students are billed for one year of coverage. The fee will appear on your student record after registering with a full-time course load and will be due on same date as all other fees for your program.

The Students’ Union Health and Dental Plan covers basic dental, prescription care, chiropractic care, massage therapy (with a doctor’s referral), accupuncture, and physiotherapy, as well as some additional medical costs. For a more detailed list of the services that are covered by the plan, or other information about co-payment rates, please visit Green Shield’s online student resource centre at The Health and Dental Benefits Plan also includes travel insurance that provides coverage for up to 180 days per trip (maximum 5 million per benefit year).

Family members can be added to the plan during the opt-out period. The fee to add one family member is $275; two or more family members is $460. These amounts are in addition to the premium paid by the student as the primary plan member and are payable at a NISU office.

Yes, if you already have extended coverage through another source (parents, spouse, or work) you can opt-out of the Students’ Union plan. Coverage with the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) is not considered equivalent extended coverage.

If you are beginning your studies in September or January, you should opt-out using the online system at The opt-out form requires the name and group number of your current extended health and dental provider, as well as your NIC student number and appropriate contact information.

Opt-outs will not be considered after the opt-out deadline. Opt-out deadlines can be found at the top of this page or you can email if you still are unsure.

You may be contacted by the plan administrator if the online opt-out was not successful. Please make sure to check your student record 7-10 days after opting-out to ensure the fee has been removed. Students are responsible for knowing what fees have been assessed to them by North Island College.

In cases where an online opt-out is not possible, students can download a paper opt-out form at or visit a Students’ Union office. Students who are covered by Indigenous Affairs, are sponsored, or students who begin their program at times other than September or January are an example of students who should opt-out using a paper form.

If you lose your alternate extended coverage and wish to be added to Students’ Union plan, you must do so within 30 days of the end of your alternate coverage. To be added to the plan you must be elligible for inclusion and show proof of end of coverage . Please email if you wish to have your status on the plan reinstated.

You do not need a card in order to use the plan, but you may print one from the Green Shield Student Centre website if you choose. Your plan number is the prefix NTH followed by your student number (NTH*********-00). If your NIC student number begins with “0” or “00”, you will drop those and only use the rest of the number combined with the NTH prefix and -00 at the end.

To access your benefits, provide your dentist or other health service provider with your plan number and they may be able to bill Green Shield directly. Some health service providers, such as chiropractors or physiotherapists, do not typically direct bill and reimbursement of eligible costs are available online at

There is a blackout period (found at the top of this page) during which direct billing and online access will not yet be available, however, receipts can be kept and submitted after the end of the blackout period.