Health & Dental

The North Island Students’ Union health & dental plan provides access to thousands of dollars in coverage for prescription medications, dental treatments, vision care, paramedical services and many additional benefits all aimed to support students.

Plan Coverage

The Students’ Union health & dental plan is automatically applied to all full-time students who begin September or January and are taking 9 or more credits or 6 months or longer trades/vocational training. Students who are full time with the Department of Accessible Learning Services (DALS) must contact us to be added to the plan, in efforts to protect your privacy, eligible students must disclose to us.


To see if the fee was applied, log in to the myNIC student account. Under the Self-Service Menu in Financial Information, look for a charge, NISU Health and Dental Fee of $275.

The Students’ Union plan contains a broad range of benefits tailored to support students.


It is an annual fee of $275 for one year of coverage. This is less than $23 per month and provides access to thousands of dollars in benefits. 

This is a summary of the coverage provided by the Students’ Union:

  • 80% coverage for eligible prescription medications, up to $2,000 per year;
  • $50 of coverage per visit for 6 appointments per benefit year by paramedical providers in each of the following areas; physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy (with prescription), acupuncture, naturopath, speech therapy, podiatrist or chiropodist.
  • Coverage of $75 per visit, for 7 appointments per benefit year for counselling by a social worker, counsellor or psychologist
  • Vision coverage of $225 every two years ($100 for eye exams and $125 for prescription glasses, contacts, etc);
  • Dental coverage of up to $700 per year for preventative and restorative work at 80% coverage;
  • Travel insurance for trips of up to 90 days;
  • Access to a tutor, should you become ill or injured while studying;
  • A comprehensive accidental death and dismemberment benefit plan;
  • A legal advisory service that provides telephone legal assistance and access to legal representation at a discount;
  • Access to online medical treatment in the form of a free subscription to an online medical practice, Go E-Visit.

For a full and detailed list of what’s covered:

The plan covers students and eligible family for a full year, September 1 – August 31 or January 1 – December 31, regardless of your student status. For example, pay the premium in September and graduate in December, still covered until August 31st.

Each year while Green Shield Canada collects and updates enrolment information there is a temporary blackout period. During this time students are covered by the plan though have no online access, direct billing or ability to make claims. When blackout ends, students are able to submit for reimbursement of eligible costs incurred during the blackout period.


Blackout periods are:

September 1 – October 30 for Fall enrolment
January 1 – February 28 for Winter enrolment.

Students Plan Member ID number, is the three-letter school code, NTH, student number and “-00”. For example, if the student number is N0123456 the plan ID would be NTH123456-00. In the event there are zeros at the start of the student number, do not include those. Green Shield Canada (GSC) does not provide a physical plan ID card, though once registered one can be printed or can view a digital copy through their GSC On the Go App.

Eligible students may add a single dependent (spouse, common law partner or one child) for an additional payment of $275, or can add a whole family for a total payment of $412.50. Unfortunately, parents of students are not eligible to be added to the plan. Enrolled students will receive an email from Student Health BC to their email address and will have 30 days from the receipt of this email to add eligible family. Enrolment emails are expected late October & late February respectively and the fee will be payable online. If payment via credit card is a barrier, please contact us for alternative payment options.

Students who receive support from DALS, while registered in 6 credits, qualify to be included in the plan. These students must declare to NISU to be included. The plan is available for fall & winter students, one year of coverage is $275.


Students may add eligible dependant(s), after enrolment.


Enrolment for fall, due before September 30.

Enrolment for winter, due before January 31.

Ask your DALS support staff for the form, or contact NISU directly, 

How to sign up for your Green Shield online account

Once the temporary black out period ends students are able to register for Plan Member Online Services with Green Shield Canada (GSC).

Once registered, students can download the GSC On the Go App and submit claims right from a mobile device.

Opting Out

Students who have existing, equivalent coverage may opt out of the extended health and dental plan. Examples of existing equivalent coverage may be from a workplace, spouse or parents workplace, coverage with First Nations Health or the Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction (social assistance)

Students starting in the Fall must submit their application by September 30th to be considered, and Winter starting students must opt out by January 31st.

Click here to opt out:

By completing the opt out process through this website above, a request to opt out is sent to the Students’ Union, who processes that request by evaluating the information and ensuring that the equivalent coverage is valid. This process can sometimes take a few days or even a few weeks when volumes are high. Students can review their financial information in the Self Service area of myNIC.

Once an opt out is approved, this status remains on the student record. No need to opt out each term.

A student may apply to be re-added to the plan if the coverage supplied when opting out has been discontinued through no fault of their own (lost a job, aged out of parental coverage, etc). To opt back into the plan, contact us within 30 days of losing the existing coverage to apply for readmission to the Students’ Union’s plan. Email

Students who have existing coverage can choose to enjoy both plans and take advantage of dual coverage. Read through the coverage provided with the Students’ Union plan before deciding to opt out with equivalent overage.

Review the whole benefits booklet here:

Students covered with FNH are eligible to opt out of the Students’ Union plan though there are some areas the Students’ Union plan provides more coverage. Students may choose to enjoy coverage with both plans. Students with sponsored education may not be provided financial support for the costs of the Students’ Union health and dental plan, be sure to connect with the sponsor.


The primary difference in coverage is access to paramedical services, such as chiropractor, physiotherapy, acupuncture and more. Review the full coverage provided with the Students’ Union plan before choosing to opt out. Those who choose to opt out with FNH are not eligible to opt back in.

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