Your Students’ Union & You

Congratulations on choosing a college that has a Students’ Union! Think of the North Island Students’ Union (NISU) as a group of friends here to support you though your studies.

NISU has three main areas of focus and they are:

NISU offers services that encourage student success and save students money, as well as lobby for high quality, affordable education for all.

All students at North Island College are members of the North Island Students Union (NISU), who are part of a larger Union named the British Columbia Federation of Students (BCFS).

Being part of a larger Union offers us the chance to pool our resources with other Colleges and Universities to supply quality health and dental care to our members as well as make bulk purchases on merchandise.

To learn more about the BCFS and some of the current campaigns check out

Uphold student rights, engage in student advocacy, connect students with available supports.

Student advocacy is available to help students should they have conflict within the organisation of North Island College or feel they are being treated unfairly.
Navigating student life can be challenging and with COVID 19 student stress has been higher than ever.
NISU staff are on hand to help students understand what is expected of them and can also help students advocate for fairness if those expectations are unreasonable, unfair or discriminatory.

ALL our offices are safe spaces should you need refuge from any kind of abuse or discrimination, and we offer online office hours every Wednesday across all our campuses.

To achieve the goals of affordable, quality education for all, NISU along with the BCFS runs campaigns aimed at getting student voices heard by provincial and Federal leaders. Over the years the BCFS has led campaigns such as- Knock out interest on student loans, grants not loans, fairness for international students, reconciliation through education, open textbooks and more.

Enrich campus life though physical and virtual events to help students thrive in the college environment.

We love to plan events and activities to help you enjoy student life and connect with your community, wherever you are. With most students studying at home now due to COVID 19, it’s more important than ever to have a community to support one another.
From yoga and movie nights, we can help you find great ways to relax and have a laugh with other people from the college community.

We host a maker space every Tuesday from 5-7 online through Zoom. Come and make some crafts, have a laugh and connect with other students in a fun and relaxed way. We can mail out supplies to you just email us at

Student Union Design

North Island Students’ Union offers services and supports for students, by students.

North Island College has four different campuses on Vancouver Island, and each is unique. Each Winter we will have elections for Union Representatives. Once elected a Union Representative’s role is to engage with students through in person events (when safe and acceptable to do so) social media and online events with an aim to fostering connection and community among NIC students.

Any student who is a union member, (all NIC students) can run as a Union Representative if they feel the call to do so.

Directors of the Board are the governing body of North Island Student’s Union, responsible for leadership and setting direction.

Shortly after the election there is a call for nominations for the Board of Directors. The Board must be elected from current Union Representatives and must either be nominated or put their own names forward.

Board Directors are expected to spend a minimum of ten hours a month on Student Union business, attend all board meetings, help staff with delivery of campaigns and be involved in events at NIC. They are the legal body that represents students and must sign an oath of office once elected.  Board Directors receive a stipend of $2400 a year for performing their duties.

Students’ unions are an amazing way to learn about governance and gain valuable experience from a variety of areas including leadership, policy, budgets, committees, active communication, management and so much more.

It is an honour to be elected and be the voice for your fellow students on the Board of Directors.

North Island Students Union has staff to manage daily operations. Responsibilities of staff are: coordinate health and medical benefits, organize events and activities, support students seeking advocacy, run campaigns as directed by the board, and support elected board members.

Student engagement strengthens the Students Union campaigns and that returns full circle to empower students. Unions are a way for us to actively partake in democracy and support our fellow students as well as working towards a bright future where all people are treated equally and have access to quality, affordable education.