2024 General Election

Feb 26, 2024 | Governance

Elected Studuents

NISU 2024 General Election


North Island Students’ Union is an independant student organisation. Run by students, for students, each year NISU seeks up to 25 students returning to NIC to run as Union Representatives (Union Rep).

Union Representatives contribute to the Union and are eligible for paid opportunities.

Union Representatives work with Union staff to support events, further campaigns, promote Union services, attend committee meetings, and connect with students from across the province.

Union Representatives develop leadership skills, make connections, and participate in their Union.

Union Representatives

  • Must attend General Meetings, held April 25, 2 pm & in November (minimum requirement to be a Union Rep)
  • Attend the monthly Committee of the Whole meeting, strongly encouraged & earn $35 per meeting
  • Support Union events & services, as able, in a volunteer capacity

Commitment: 2 – 4 hours per month

Union Representatives serve from April 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025

Portfolio Positions

Any Union Rep can nominate themselves for a Portfolio Position to either represent the campus their studies are on or as a self-identifying member of an equity group. Portfolio Positions provide support to the Board of Directors about issues that affect the group they represent. Each Union Representative is eligible to hold one portfolio position, which comes with $50 per month.

 Union Representatives who self-identify in an equity group may seek the following portfolio position:

Indigenous Students’ Representative(s)

Students’ Accessibility Representative(s)

Women Students’ Representative(s)

Union Representatives whose studies are primarily based on a campus may seek the following portfolio positions:

Campbell River Representative(s)

K’ómoks Valley Representative(s)

Port Alberni Representative(s)

Mixalakwila Representative(s)

Interested in taking on a more significant role?

Consider running for one of our six Board of Director Positions.

First, run in this general election to become a Union Representative. To do this, submit a complete nomination declaration form, which you can receive by emailing theoffice@nisu.ca. Then, gather nominations from five (5) or ten (10) students as directed. Follow election directions, and if you are elected as a Union Representative, you can run for the Board of Directors at NISU’s Annual General Meeting.

At the Annual General Meeting, April 25, 2 pm, run for one of the elected Board of Director positions.

Training is provided.

The Board of Directors are expected to spend a minimum of 4 hours a month on Students’ Union business, with Committee of the Whole & Board of Directors meetings.

They are further expected to spend up to 20 hours per month supporting the work of the Union.

These positions are currently compensated at a living wage of $22.45.

Board of Directors

  • Must attend General Meetings, held April 25, 2 pm & in November.
  • Attend the monthly Board of Directors Meetings and earn $65 per meeting.
  • Attend the monthly Committee of the Whole meeting & earn $35 per meeting.
  • Spend up to 20 hours each month supporting Union events & services at $22.45/hr.

Commitment: 4 – 24 hours per month

Board of Directors term: May 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025

 Accessibility & Equity Director

The Accessibility & Equity Director assists in supporting student advocacy for our members, connecting them with available supports and works to uphold students’ rights. They work to implement Students’ Union and Federation campaigns to help achieve the goals of quality and accessible education for all.

 Communications Director

The Communications Director acts as a liaison between the Students’ Union and the College. They are responsible for keeping the Board of Directors informed of all issues arising within the College which pertain to the activities of the Students’ Union or the well-being of students, this includes any governance issues that could affect the education delivered at the College. They assist with the coordination of student representatives on college committees to ensure that the Students’ Unions’ positions are articulated.

Community Director

The Community Director works to connect members with each other, the Directors, and NISU services and supports. They lead the coordination and implementation of Students’ Union events and activities. Responsible for NISU spaces and offices.

Federation & Governance Relations Director

The Federal & Governance Relations Director acts as a liaison between the Students’ Union and external organisations. They articulate the Students’ Union policies and positions on various issues to members, coalition partners, other organisations as well as government representatives and the media. They attend all Executive Committee meetings, writing reports and travelling to present reports three times per year. They oversee and help coordinate the Students’ Union campaign work and local implementation of Federation campaigns.

Internal Relations Director

The Internal Relations Director supports the financial work of the Students’ Union. Ensures that careful account is kept of all monies received and disbursed by the Students’ Union. They support the timely production of the annual audited financial statements and that accurate records are kept for all meetings. They also act as the Staff Relations Officer.

Services Director

The Services Director assists with the coordination and implementation of all Students’ Union services and membership awareness initiatives, such as our extended health & dental plan, student handbook, campus app, bulk purchasing, food support & more. They also help coordinate the Students’ Union campaign work and local implementation of Federation campaigns.

I am interested…what’s next?

  • Get your nomination forms to become a Union Rep from NISU, email theoffice@nisu.ca or stop by one of our Union offices
  • Students who attend classes on campus need a minimum of 10 students to sign their nomination form. Those taking primarily digital classes need a minimum of 5 students to sign their nomination form.
  • Have all your signatures and forms in by March 8 @ 4 pm when the nomination period closes. Late or incomplete nomination forms are not be accepted.
  • If more than 25 students come forward to run in the election, then:
    • The campaign period will be from March 11 – 25; tell everyone to vote for you!
    • Voting days, if necessary, will be on March 26, 27 and 28. Voting ends at 4 pm on March 28.
  • If a campaign or voting period is not required, those who have submitted their nomination forms will be acclimated as Union Representatives.
  • All Union Representatives must attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 25, 2 pm, in person at the Meadow Room located at 1-2311 Rosewall Crescent in Courtenay. Rides are available by emailing theoffice@nisu.ca 

Have questions about the election process, positions or how to get involved? Read more information on our Governance page nisu.ca/governance and contact us at theoffice@nisu.ca

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