Referendum 2023

Oct 18, 2023 | Campaigns, Uncategorized

Learn about the fall 2023 referendum about services growth for the Union.

North Island Students’ Union called a referendum to seek opinion about proposed changes to the membership fee structure:

North Island Students’ Union (NISU) called a referendum to seek student opinion on a proposed membership fee increase and the addition of a Spaces Fee. These proposed changes will allow for an enhanced provision of services for students at NIC as of September 2024.

This referendum was brought forward by your elected students’ representatives for NISU members to democratically vote on the proposed fee changes.

North Island Students’ Union is a student organisation run for students by students. NISU  provides:

  • Advocacy and representation of students’ voices in decision-making bodies at the college and all levels of the government.
  • Services that support and save students money, such as extended health and dental plan, the Deals App, bulk purchasing of school supplies, dayplanner and more.
  • Events that increase student connection.

All NISU members (all credit earning NIC students) are eligible voters, including digital learners and students based at all NIC campuses.

Voting was October 31, from 8:00 am, to November 2 at 4:00 pm. Please direct questions to or text/call (778) 585-6478

Referendum Question One: Are you in favour of increasing membership fees by $1.00 per credit as of September 2024, to increase NISU service provision?

This question passed with 80% of members in favour of this growth in base fees. 

North Island Students’ Union uses the membership fees paid by students during enrolment to fund its operations, advocacy efforts, and services. This membership fee currently stands at $4.64 per credit.

With the increasing demand for services and advocacy efforts needed by students of NIC, the proposed increase of $1.00 per credit will allow for the expansion and creation of services and advocacy provided to students. Particularly, this will allow:

  • Establishment of food service offerings at the Port Alberni campus that will provide food and beverages to students at cost. This will address years long need for more access to on-campus food services due to the closure of the onsite cafeteria. Food services will be culturally inclusive, cost efficient and accessible.
  • The ability to own and operate vending machines on NIC campuses to provide better prices and food options than what is currently available through the machines owned by outside companies.
  • Enhanced existing services, such as emergency food supports, the student discount program, student advocacy services, providing school supplies like notebooks, pens, highlighters, day planners and more.

Referendum Question Two: Are you in favour of implementing the $0.50 per month Spaces Fee as of September 2024?

This question passed with 82% of members in favour of the Spaces Fee, to support Union growth. 

Since 1991, North Island Students’ Union has been using office spaces provided by the college; however, the Students’ Union operations have far outgrown these spaces. The lack of financial flexibility to seek spaces that will suit the needs of the Students’ Union is hindering the ability of the students’ representatives and staff to work effectively and has put limits on the Union’s ability to provide support to students.

The Spaces Fee will allow the Union to build financial flexibility and savings to seek spaces that will support the current and future operations of the Students’ Union. Most importantly, it will allow for the Union to have the financial means to create spaces to host students’ initiatives such as club rooms, meeting spaces, and more.

Voting was October 31, from 8:00 am, to November 2 at 4:00 pm. Please direct questions to or text/call (778) 585-6478

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