Vote YES:Leave the CFS

Aug 11, 2023 | Victories

For years, BC students’ unions had tried to reform the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) from within.

When a change was deemed impossible, BC locals sought to leave the CFS, an organization that consistently violated its own bylaws, discriminated against BC locals, and mismanaged services and membership dues. NISU members submitted a petition asking for a referendum to leave the CFS in 2016. When our referendum was denied in 2017, NISU held a plebiscite asking members if they still wanted to leave the CFS. With over 20% turnout, 99% of NISU members voted to leave the CFS. Nearly all other BC locals held similar successful petitions and plebiscites. On June 9, 2018, a motion was passed at the CFS national general meeting to expel all BC member locals, freeing us up to focus all our energy on campaigns, services, and advocacy.

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